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Cleaning of residents own clothing

Retirement and nursing facilities set against the context of providing needy and elderly or sick people a comfortable home, a place of security, care and maintenance. It all institutions face a fundamental challenge: the economic compulsion to make the care rationally and economically. Therefore, companies need the health care partners who know and understand this tension that provide solutions and take all aspects into account! Haber Textile Services is such a partner. For more than 70 years, we develop textile supply schemes in the health and care sector.

what set us apart?
 Unconditional service attitude and high quality standards.
Our guarantee:
 Innovation, hygiene, security, efficiency.  




We work in accordance of the rules EN ISO 9001:2008.

This Norm ensure highest quality standards

also we are certificate in

RAL-GZ 992/1,

RAL-GZ 992/2,

RAL-GZ 992/3 and

RAL-GZ 992/4


here you can download our certificate