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Our solutions are as individual as your requirements

Our textile service for health care contributes to a large extent to the safety and efficiency in hospitals and clinics. We ensure the supply of all textiles: started with bedlinen over employees workwear to medical products. We offer economically attractive leasing typs with customized billing procedures and actively assume responsibility for your costs.

textile service for OR

Surgery is a highly complex process. We assist you with specially performed products and services. We provide professional care with comfortable and secure textile surgical products and medical devices, for example:

  - OR covers
  - coats and smocks
  - electric Blankets and equipment


Powerful and reliable materials for various requirements guarantee optimum safety.



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DIN EN 13795 and 13485/07

We work in accordance to DIN EN 13795 and 13485/07.2003.



here you can download our certificate